The when, and how of harvesting olives is important to the flavor and quality of oil. Oil production starts with picking, and despite modern technology, hand-picking remains the most reliable method for gathering olives, and is least likely to damage them. Since olives don't ripen simultaneously, it's necessary to pick a tree several times to assure consistent ripeness.

one view of our olive groves in Olevano

Production, Extra Virgin, First Cold Press

As required to be marketed extra virgin, our oil is cold pressed mechanically, without heat or chemical treatments that destroy flavor and quality. If you are using an olive oil that doesn't say first cold press on the label, it probably isn't. Soon, we will feature our state of the art production facility on the Internet complete with video, and/or photo's so that you can see a small part of each stage of the process from harvesting, to pressing and bottling. Quality Control and Guarantee of Origin: Each step of the oil making process is conducted in Olevano Sul Tusciano, Italy and the Campania region. From the hand-picking of our olives to the cold pressing of the fruit at our Frantoio (Italian for olive oil production facility) and bottling EVERYTHING takes place in Olevano under STRICT managerial scrutiny to ensure quality, hygiene and freshness. the official seal of Olevano sul Tusciano.